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We list every ingredient in each meal

-   ABOUT US  -

Food is our passion.  We have a strong belief in creating amazing tasting dishes using the highest quality ingredients while upholding our clean eating standards.  We don't like to label our food "health food" but rather comfort food that is good for you.  This is how food was intended to be cooked and enjoyed.  


Instead of using refined vegetable oils and shortenings, we use  natural non-gmo avocado oil .  We use natural fruits, vegetables, and spices and source locally whenever possible.  We use grass-fed meats, pasture raised pork, and poultry raised only on vegetarian diets and always antibiotic free.  All of our meals are seasoned with additive-free salt with higher traces of minerals.  We take no short cuts in our preparations and it shows in the final product.    

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-   CHEF'S BIO  -

Founder & Chef Ayaz Adiguzelli pursued his passion for food and graduated from the Institute of Culinary Education in New York, NY in 2005. As he furthered his career in a variety of food related fields, he found it difficult to find healthy and wholesome meals that also tasted great.  Many healthy food options were bland and unexciting.  Other options were just inconvenient for a busy lifestyle or too pricey.  Ayaz aimed to create a service catered to the young professionals that was healthy, convenient, and of course tasted delicious.  That's when Graze & Braise was born. 

Being a food purist, Ayaz has always been attracted to a philosophy of food that revolves around the slow food and local food movement.  He believes food should be creative, delicious, and the ingredients should be the star of the meal.  He utilizes his previous experience in butchering and culinary arts to create familiar dishes that uphold Paleo guidelines.  He believes food can be healthy, gluten-free, Paleo, and still taste amazing.  He believes food should be made with love and Graze & Braise meals certainly are.  

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